Our wedding party

Over here are friends of mine, what can I say?   I've know them for a long, long time.

Maria's attendants
  • Jennifer DeMartino, Maid Of Honor
    Jen is Maria's older cousin. They grew up together and have many fond memories of playing detectives in Jen's home. As Maria's older cousin, Jen would often give Maria advice on the important things in life... boys, shopping and makeup. Jen is a teacher in Brooklyn and has a small dog named Khaleesi.
  • Denise DeMartino, Maid Of Honor
    Denise is Maria's older cousin. She would claim she was "too old" to play detective with Maria and Jen... until they found the clues she left for them. Although Denise played along during the day, she did not appreciate it when Jen and Maria would make shadow puppets late at night during sleepovers. Denise is a teacher in Long Island and loves to go dancing, especially salsa dancing.
  • Marie Saccomagno, Bridesmaid
    Marie and Maria met while moving into their dorm sophomore year. They quickly realized they had too much in common and wrote a book listing their similarities. A memorable moment in their friendship was when they pretended to be puppies and ran around the dorm barking. The RA was not amused. Marie is a manager at Calvin Klein and lives in Commack with her 2 dogs.
  • Lindsey Dobkin, Bridesmaid
    Maria met Lindsey during her freshman year of college in their dorm's kitchen when Maria really wanted to make some cheesy broccoli in her PJs. Lindsey and Maria both majored in biology and had most of their classes together. They bonded while suffering through Chem 1 with Dr. Minton and tried to come up with mnemonic devices to remember SSP SPS DPS. Lindsey is a high school science teacher and lives in Philadelphia with her dog, Sunny.
  • Amy Cainkar, Bridesmaid
    Amy and Maria met while working at Travelers in Naperville. Maria taught Amy how to commute on the Metra trains and introduced her to the conductors who wouldn't charge her. Maria attended Amy's wedding at Old St. Pat's and they now belong to the same book club. Amy is a stay at home mom for her daughter, Scarlett Rose and lives in the West Loop.
  • Karen Fratto, Bridesmaid
    Karen and Maria met in their freshman year of college... probably at a bar. Maria and Karen know each other through Bruno since Bruno and Karen went to the same high school as well as college. Karen was known as Bruno's "New York Mom" for years. Karen also introduced Maria to her favorite drink, Effen black cherry and soda. Karen is an Employment Services Program Manager at the Illinois Department of Employment Security and is currently working on her MBA
  • Annemarie Feka, Flower Girl
    Annemarie is Maria's little cousin. She is 9 years old and is a two time bowling champion. Maria was the flower girl in Annette Feka's wedding (Annemarie's Mother) in 1995. Annemarie lives in North Carolina with her family.
  • Scarlett Cainkar, Flower Girl
    Scarlett is Amy's daughter. Scarlett will be 2 years old in March. Her hobbies include twirling to music, going down the slide and bath time with her many toys.
Bruno's attendants
  • Samuel Roti "Old Bean" Marasso, Best Man
    As kids, whenever their parents left the room, Bruno and Sam would instantly start fighting. It was OK because they fictionally fought, as they saw on TV (Sam was, and still is, the best in the business at "selling.") They don't physically fight as much, but Bruno still wins any argument they may have about the law, politics, or familial situations. Lately, Sam has taken on the role of trusted advisor to Bruno.
  • Fred William "Willy" Walz, Groomsman
    If Bruno hasn't gotten his chipped tooth fixed by the wedding -- this guy's to blame. Bruno and Willy served as each other's babysitters in summers during their childhood. Neither person was capable of helping the other, but Willy grew up to be a bro and Bruno grew up to be a spaz, so it worked out OK. Willy remains an integral part of Bruno's life as his muscle.
  • Fred Bruno "B" Roti, Groomsman
    Fred lived with Bruno for 3 years as co-member of the World Famous Wolves' Den in Lincoln Park. Fred didn't know it (or maybe he did, and just was too nice to say anything), but he assured Bruno's nourishment as Bruno consistently ate his food without restocking it (or paying for it). They also ran a successful wrestling figure federation from 1990 through 2003. Fred is Bruno's go-to guy for recommendations on television and movies.
  • Vince Joseph "Fish" Arrigo, Groomsman
    Vince and Bruno became good friends once they started taking driving lessons together. Bruno threatened to drive the teacher's car into the river and Vince laughed and continued to be his friend after that. From there, they accomplished many great things, like throwing an after prom party that began at 5:00 a.m. Vince has been Bruno's business partner in several failed businesses.
  • Joseph Edward "Manfire" Manfre, Groomsman
    Joe is Bruno's future brother-in-law, and Joe has known that since September of 2010 when Bruno drunkenly informed him that he would eventually propose to Maria. Joe lives in Hawaii and enjoys doings things that are incomprehensively fun to Bruno like hiking, jumping off of cliffs, and teaching math. He means a mean tuna-poke. Bruno will lean heavily on Joe to teach any children how to hit baseballs with baseball bats and throw orange balls into hoops.
  • John James "Sammy Davis, Jr." Walz, Groomsman
    John's also responsible for a physical deformity of Bruno -- his weird hair line on the back of his head. Bruno and John are often indistinguishable to people they both know casually. When casual friends remind Bruno about some time "they golfed together," Bruno merely pretends to be John. To fit the role, he then posts something political on twitter. No one's really clear about Johnny's job description.
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